All Docs - Microsoft Office Edition in OneDrive App Reviews

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Use to love it

When I first bought Microsoft documents, I absolutely loved it. For whatever reason, it doesn’t work at all. It tells me I need to update my browser, my browser is up to date. I even tried using chrome, as it suggested, it did not work. I haven’t even had the paid version for a year. I feel like I have wasted my money. If it is ever fixed and it works as good as it use to, I will give them 5 stars. As for now, only 2 stars.

i cant even use the app

why i cant use all the word excel and power point. give me back by $21.

does not work

Doesn’t work at all. It is blank and keeps telling me unsupported browser

It doesn’t work

We bought this for our Mac and it doesn’t work. Right now I can’t even type anything in “word” but if I’m ever able to start typing it crashes.

Great product for your job

I just started using this app and so far I'm pretty happy with it. I like that it help me easier to create Microsoft office 365 documents in OneDrive. This app has great potential for your job or professional setting. It's awesome that you can create a rich doc, excel and powerpoint documents. I can't wait to use it .

Good MS Office 365 app.

The sync functionality for documents seem work quite well across OneDrive and my Mac. This app work as expected and i can’t ask for more. I did want an app for Microsoft Office 365, which support both online and offline, and this app cover exactly what is I needed. I’m finally starting to use Office 365 program for word processing and creating spreadsheets on a regular basics. Like alot of users, however, i’m stil more comfortable with Microsoft Office on my desktop. And about all functions, I like this one, which browsing free online templates to create beautiful documents. As a perfectionist, doing the work on the document, I always want to ben different from others, this app can fully meet my requirements in this regad. It has got better with each release. The sync functionality work well for me, didn't have any problems when it sync Office documents to local. And in my opinon about this app, I think this app is great concept and need work though. I’m supporting the developer in hopes of future development.

Useful app for Microsoft Office.

If you have words, excels, power points. etc. document and have been tabbing back and forth between a myriad of browser windows, it makes you feel annoy and angry. Get this program. And If you use Microsoft Office 365 on your Mac all day long, I think this is the program for you. Why I would evaluate it like that, because I have using this app for a long time and I know its merits. I did find All Docs app for editing my documents, such as Word, Excel, Power point, and the convenience of having my files in cloud and hard drive. All Docs app quitely download my documents in background. Whether I'm editing an existing document or create new one, All Docs keep sync to my hard drive whenever a change detected. It is stable, organized and productivity way to live, save me so much time, and for that reason I give it 5 stars. All in all, it is wonderful program, the sync files function work flawlessly, and the notifications work very well. Now I use it anytime and anywhere, there is no any trouble during it works. And hope it have more improvement in next update.


This program is extremely difficult to use and annoying. I’m on a MacBook Air, and good luck trying to select text, whether with the mousepad or an actual mouse. It goes too fast, too slow, won’t select a whole word (one letter short or includes the space after), goes in the wrong direction and then skips a letter when you let go. The copy and paste is deplorable and constantly changes the formatting (even more than it usually does in the regular program). Lastly, it is not very compatible with the same program on a Microsoft based computer. I had a lot of difficulty with getting the formatting to be correct when I moved the documents back to that computer (which is necessary if I’m going to print them). So disappointing and reinforces my opinion that Mac is still not quite as stupid as Microsoft.

Super Impressed!

I wish there were more stars to rate this app. To simply put, it's way more than I would ask for. I love working with this app as it gives me the opportunity to work offsite and do it well. I have tried similar apps and can not find anything that compares. It's very convenient and great features!

Don't miss it.

I can use it to do the he best documents, guides and templates available for Microsoft Office. That's incredible. I think some of these features have been enough for us. And now I am looking for the next updating.

Better than I thought.

I feel very surprised, the APP's function is too strong. The first feeling with this app is just a simple Microsoft office template APP, but I changed my mind after I use this app, it is more powerful synchronization function. Wow, That's so excited.

Simply Awesome

I love this great app and use it every day for my documents. It's nice to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to save my time. I use this app to organize and manage all of my files on my OneDrive account. I strongly recommend it!

I'm so happy to use it.

It's so convient, even though I'm not in the office, I can also do my works, I this type of doing works. I will continue to focus on and use of this APP. I hope that it will be better and better.

Great and useful app

I have found this app to be very user friendly and have found it to be useful in the process of creating notes for papers being written in my class. It makes a world of a difference to have everything readily available at your finger tips.

It's basic for office worker.

When I use it, I can easily finish my work online. And the others also can easily see my works. Because it can live update. It's so convient, even though I'm not in the office, I can also do my works, I like this type of doing works.

Best office app for me

I use this app for work and it's perfect so far. I can sync documents in my OneDrive's document folder to local. I also can keep powerpoint's on it to have pictures that assist me in memorizing my material so far. I highly recommend this app.

Pretty good app

I got this app to able to keep track all changes of online documents and automatic update on local. This app has clear interface and nice design, so it's really easy for me to view,create or edit documents. Love all the different templates to choose from.

This is a wonderful app.

I can do my works easily, and you guys can easily do what you want. Because it has all functions what you want. I think this one will be my office tool in my office works. I like this one, it's great!

Must have

When I need to draft a letter, PowerPoint or even spreadsheets I jump straight to this app. It's fully compatible with Microsoft Office which is a must when sending files to others in my OneDrive. I love this app.

It worths to download.

I can easily share your documents with friends and colleagues, so that I can do a great jobs with my colleagues. And I think this APP is another feature is that I can calendar and manage email with Outlook. That's amazing, I even don't know this function, my friend told me. I think this app is more than I expected. And now, I use it to do things very conveniently.

What I expected!

I have been using this product for a year and it's well designed and just gets better as time goes by. With this app, I can access virtually all kind of documents and files stored in my OneDrive. It is really simple to use and the great thing that I like about it is that it works very quickly. I love how everything is in one place. I use it for work for lots of things. This is so good for my work, I has use it every day. This app makes editing and writing documents feasible and surprisingly easy on my Mac. I must say this is a great app for me. I am so glad I have it. I would recommend this app!

A must have.

I am sure it is just what I was looking for. When I do it, everything is right. I like using this to do my office works. I have to say it's a good choice, which I downloaded it. I think it's worth the price.

Helpful Office App.

Sharing files is the reason I download this app. You know as a office worker, there are so many files need me to deal, and after I finish it, I need reply to my workmates, it's so inconvenient. But after download this, everything changed, and I can work efficiency. GOOD!

I have to say it’s good.

I think this app is more than this price, I like it so much. you guys must try it, and you will love it. I'm a business man, I know the worth of this app. It's worth having. In a word, it's beyond your imagination.

So cool to use it.

As a software for microsoft office edition in OneDrive, I have to say it's easily share my documents with friends and colleagues. I think it is suitable for everyone, office users, students, or other people. The functions are beyond my thought. I enjoy using this app.

Such an amazing app.

I have been using this product for a while and it's truly best out there for me. I love how everything is in one place.And this works out great and I am able to see all of my documents!It gives me a lot of help.This is so good for my work,I has use it every day.

Great app for my work

This app is particularly helpful when I'm writing Microsoft office 365 documents in my OneDrive. I like that I can access my documents in one place. I can easily share my documents with friends and colleagues. I'm happy with it.

This is absolutely great.

I must say this is a great app for me. I can access virtually all kind of documents and files stored in my OneDrive. It's very convenient and useful for me.I use this app to organize and manage all of my files on my OneDrive .

Works well for me.

I have had no real problems with this app. This app is just what I needed to get some real work done on my mac.It has some great features like,create documents,Keep track all changes of online documents,and more. great find.

Useful app.

I like using this one to do my office work. It's really good for our workers. Many functions we need are in here. It worths to download. I'm so happy to use it.

Extremely Helpful App!

I use this app all the time! I know that there are easy-to-use app help me easier to create Microsoft office 365 documents in OneDrive. And the app is helpful for me.The developer keeps pushing features out for this app making more and more useful.This app was a very good choice.I like that it help you easier to create Microsoft office 365 documents in OneDrive on my Mac. And it has many great features.I can easy create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.share your documents with friends and colleagues.and so on.All in all,useful app for me.It makes my job very easy.I really love this app. It helps me more organized.What most surprised me is that I can edit my documents in Onedrive.I simply upload my files to OneDrive and edit them.It's worth the price.If the interactive experience of the app is more better, I will give it five stars.

It really help me a lot.

I want to download an app like this for a long time. And after I used it, I knew that I did a good choice. It really do a good job. As a business man, office software is very important for me. In my Mac, there are many office app. Among them, there are bad, or good. It is normal for me. Even though there is no much time. But I have to say that it is really good to use. I am also recommended by others. They said that I should try it. And I hesitated for a long time,but now I think it is worth to download it. But I also want it to be better.

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